Audiobook Rewind – Delirium

Audiobook Rewind


Delirium by Lauren Oliver

GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Dystopia


Read by: Sarah Drew

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Two and a Half


Lena lives in a world where love is a disease, a forbidden disease. On their 18th birthday, each resident will undergo a procedure to cure them from any love that they have felt thus far in their life, and prevent them from ever feeling love again. Lena’s family has a rocky past with the procedure and deliria (the love disease), and she cannot wait to get the procedure so she no longer has to worry. As her procedure approaches, life takes a turn that Lena never expected, and she begins to question everything about the world she thought she knew so well.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the overall plot of this book, I was definitely hooked on the story. While I normally reserve audiobooks for when I’m at the gym or running, I found myself listening to this one whenever I could: cleaning the house, driving the 5 minutes to work (okay, maybe I would sit in the parking lot for a few extra minutes to listen to a bit more). That being said, I do have some dislikes that I’d like to talk about.

  1. I feel like my view of the world in this book kept changing because there was no explanation of the world that Delirium took place in to start the story off. I kept having these “shocking” moments where a detail would be revealed that eluded to the Delirium world being pretty damn close to the world we know today, and it just wasn’t what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see an author spend the first half of a book explaining the setting of the story, but some world building would have been appreciated.
  1. Similar to the above, I felt like the author would drop certain details or concepts about things without fulling explaining them. I don’t want to give away anything so I’ll avoid using specific examples, but there were many times when something about the procedure would be stated (either about the procedure itself or something that would happen before or after the procedure), and I had to guess what the details of that something where, or what it meant. EXPLAIN NEW PROCESSES / EVENTS / THINGS TO ME PLEASE!
  1. Lena as a character annoyed me, she didn’t have much depth, though I will admit she got a little better with time. There were other characters that I preferred over her, and I often times found myself thinking about what the story would be like through their eyes. I would have preferred to hear this same exact story told from a different perspective, to get away from Lena’s annoyingness.

Whew, glad I got that off my chest. Even though there were definite issues that plagued me while I listened to this audiobook, I’ll probably still end up reading/listening to the others in the series. Like I said, I’m hooked, and now I have to know what happens.

What Do You Think

Do you struggle when books fail to build the world of the story? Have you ever wanted a story to be told from a different characters’ perspective?

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