Audiobook Rewind – Let’s Get Lost

Audiobook Rewind

Lets Get LostLet’s Get Lost by Adi AlsaidGenre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Format: Audiobook

Read by: Amanda Cobb

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Leila is a carefree spirit embarking alone on a 4, 268 road trip. Along the way, she meets four teenagers, each with their own struggles and stories. While trying to find her own way, Leila influences the life of each of the characters that she encounters, leaving a lasting impression on each.

My Thoughts

A great read for anyone consumed with wanderlust. I listened to this audiobook while I out on my morning runs. Since I have a love/hate relationship with running, I was really pleased that this book (1) was interesting enough to keep me distracted and (2) wasn’t too “deep”, thus it didn’t force me to have to think too hard.

The style of book (mini “books” rolled into one) also attributed to how much I enjoyed it. It was fun to listen to the individual stories and dive into the various worlds and lives of the characters that Leila met along her adventure. Though I wish I had gotten a bit more closure about a few of the stories, overall I’m happy with how they all played out. I’ll also admit that the end of the book surprised me a bit (in a good way, I like being surprised, plus it wasn’t this overly dramatic ending, which I totally dig). I wonder if I had been reading this if I may have been less surprised; I tend to analyze books I’m physically reading a bit more than audiobook that I listen to.

As a whole, I found this book really light, fun, and enjoyable. It brought on strong desires to keep running and get far, far away from my adult life responsibilities. It also served as a nice reminder that you can’t judge a book by its cover (or a person by their looks), that you have no idea about what people may have going on or be dealing with, and that while it’s easy to see the bad in a person, it’s important to keep an open mind and treat people well.

What Do You Think

Have you ever been on a road trip?

Do you think you’d ever go on a road trip by yourself?

Now, WARNING, there is going to be a minor spoiler below, so please navigate away from this post if you want to avoid it.

I was SO excited when it was revealed that Leila was heading to Alaska! Last summer I went on a cruise to Alaska, and listening to this book brought back so many awesome memories! We saw the salmon run, drove mopeds to the middle of the wilderness, visited an Alaskan brewery, saw whales, and road a helicopter to a glacier and went DOG SLEDDING. We were even fortunate enough to see the northern lights! Take me back ❤ I totally recommend that everyone take a trip to Alaska at least once in their life. It’s rich with culture and such a different world and lifestyle than most of us are used to.

Here’s a picture of me getting puppy kisses while we were dog sledding:

Alaska 2

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