Audiobook Rewind – Pandemonium

Audiobook Rewind

PandemoniumPandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia

Format: Audiobook

Read By: Sarah Drew

Length: 1o hours and 34 minutes

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After narrowly escaping the procedure to cure her of the Delirum, Lena is on the run and ill prepared for what she faces. Near death, Lena is rescued by a group of resistance members. They take her in and show her the ways of the wilds, and soon Lena becomes a trusted part of the group. After getting her feet under her, Lena begins to help the resistance with their missions to overthrow the suffocating government. When one of her missions goes horribly wrong, Lena must work with a well-known member of the enemy to fight back and escape.

My Thoughts

When it comes to books, I am no quitter! I can pretty much count on one hand how many books I have DNFed. So, as I predicted that I would, I did decide to continue exploring Lena’s story despite my feelings on Delirium. I’m glad that I did, because I liked Pandemonium a bit more (hooray, half star!) and finishing this book basically solidified my choice to finish this series.

I was not anticipating this book to unfold the way that it did and I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the story to continue to revolve around Alex and Lena and their plan to escape and live happily ever after, so the time lapse and introduction of Julian surprised me (in a good way) and I liked learning more about the wilds. I will say that at times I did feel like I was listening to the same book with a few changes (Lena = Alex and Julian = Lena, am I right?!). I enjoyed the present and past style of this one, but the capture of Lena and Julian did seem to drag a bit even with the flashbacks. I mean it basically was the entire story and then a few chapters at the end where they finally started to reveal some other stuff.

I did find Lena far more bearable this time around. I guess now that she is aware of the world she lives in, I don’t find her quite so irksome. However, she still does seem a bit clueless and naïve, and there were more times than I care to mention where she missed obvious things and I was just screaming ARE YOU SERIOUS? in my mind.

Lauren Oliver totally hooked me though, with this ending, and I’m pretty psyched to pick up Requiem to see how this all plays out.

A few more (minor) things to note:

  • The way that they pronounced Hanna’s name in this audio book was different than how they pronounced it in the audio book for Delirum and it REALLY threw me off. Even weirder that the reader is the same… shrug. Minor details.
  • I found the word choices and some of the language used throughout this book really odd. At one point, Lena explained Julian’s ear by referring to it as “his seashell ear”. What the…? I know I probably missed some weird things, too, because listening versus reading doesn’t provide the same ability for me to notice these weird things. Sometimes they go in one ear and out the other before I can process (hah!).

What Do You Think

What did you think of this ending? Talk about a cliff hanger!

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