Quotebook – # 4


I’m not the type of person to physically write in a book (it pains me!), but I am a “flagger”. There are so many talented authors out there that have an incredible way with words, and reading them once just isn’t enough for me. So, I will highlight quotes or sections in an e-book, or literally put a little flag sticky on a page while I’m reading. I’ll then revisit my flags or highlights and write down the memorable words in a notebook. In this feature, I plan to share some of my favorite quotes with you! Up today:

“What are friends for, if not to make you feel less weird?”

– Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon 

(you can also check out my review for this book here)

The Memorial Day holiday is just around the corner, and for me that means a super awesome long weekend with friends, followed immediately by the second annual family vacation with my parents, sisters, and brother in law! WOOHOO! Helloooo fun times, relaxation, booze, and books! Anyways, given all the fun on the horizon, I thought this quote was appropriate because I openly admit that I’m a pretty weird person, but my friends and my family are equally as weird, so it’s wonderful! It’s a big weird reunion, and we have tons of fun, and I seriously cannot wait! Things in my adult life have been super crazy, so much work traveling and stress, so I’m more than ready to get off the grid (literally, all this is happening at my family’s campground in the middle of nowhere, where we barely get cellphone reception) and get weird.

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