Series Wrap Up – Here and Now

Thats a Wrap

Here and NowLost in Me by Lexi Ryan

Fall to You by Lexi Ryan

All for This by Lexi Ryan

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Publisher: Ever After, LLC

Format: Kindle E-Books

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Series Recap

Even when the mind can’t remember, the heart can’t forget…

When an injury leaves Hanna Thompson without her last year of memories, she wakes to a perfect life—right down to an engagement ring from her unrequited love, Max Hallowell. But each day makes her question if she has the life she always wanted or if she’s been living a lie. As she searches for answers, every path leads to rocker Nate Crane. And Nate wants her for himself.

My Reaction to Each Book 

Lost in Me: In one sentence, Lost in Me is a book about a girl who has to rediscover herself after a horrible accident leaves her with selective memory loss. The main character, Hanna, isn’t without her flaws, but I found her to be real. She isn’t perfect, but she does her best to be happy while struggling to love herself. I think Hann is a character that almost everyone can relate to on one level or another, we all have insecurities of some sort, or something we’re struggling to understand about ourselves. I was really intrigued by the amnesia twist, because I knew it would mean a slow reveal of the past, which I love when reading a book. I will admit that it gave me anxiety because I felt bad for Hanna, and I just wanted her to remember everything, figure it all out, and be happy! The romance between Hanna and Max is adorable, and I was so happy when she woke up from her accident engaged to him. Max was a genuine, good guy who cared so much for Hanna, and was head over heels for her. Let’s be honest, I was head over heels for him … at first. Enter Nate Crane, who stole my heart pretty much immediately upon his arrival into the story and then it was like, Max who? GAH! The chemistry between Nate and Hanna was insane! Totally couldn’t get enough. The ending …

GASP gif

Three and a Half

Fall to You: This book picks up right where Lost in Me left off, which was great! I avoided reading the synopsis of this one (though it honestly doesn’t give away much), so I didn’t know what to expect – and WHEW, I got A LOT! I’m struggling to write anything about this without spoiling something, so to keep it vague I’ll just say that this book was a roller coaster that had me all over the spectrum of emotions. We learn more about Hanna’s lost memories, and SO. MANY. THINGS. HAPPEN. At one point, I had my mind set that I was completely giving up on this book and not finishing the series. Something happened, and I was convinced something else was going to happen, but it wasn’t happening, so I was ready to give up, BUT THEN IT HAPPENED and I was RIGHT BACK INTO IT. Sorry, that was a lot of bold and capital letters but, like I said, SPECTRUM OF EMOTIONS HERE PEOPLE. Anyways, the ending of this one …


(I swear Lexi Ryan is the queen of cliffhangers)


All for This: Again, really going to struggle to write anything about this without spoiling something, so vagueness is going to have to do. As far as a conclusion, this book had it all. It tied up the loose ends for every character, it solved all of the mystery around Hanna’s accident and her missing memories, and someone FINALLY won Hanna’s heart. Unlike the first two books, I felt like things were really drawn out in this one and I didn’t appreciate it or like it. I found myself getting bored with reading THIS, which did not happen in the first two books. So, while I’m happy that the series was wrapped up in a little neat box with a bow on top, I wish this concluding book offered a bit more, especially after the cliffhanger in Fall to You.


Favorite Quotes

“You’re like the sun-completely blind to your own beauty because you are so busy making everyone around you shine.” – Lost in Me


“Girl, your life has gotten better than my daytime soaps. Days of Our Lives cannot compete with this shit.” – Lost in Me

Final Thoughts

As a whole, I really enjoyed reading this series. I picked this up on a whim because it was only 99 cents and I never put it down (I finished the whole series in 3 days)! I didn’t even put it down long enough to track that I was actually reading it on Goodreads (believe me – that’s a big deal! I usually track everything I’m reading on there). I only read New Adult books like this every once in a while, this is the third series of NA romance books that I’ve read (at least that I can remember), the others being the Stage Dive series and the Off Campus series. It’s definitely not my go-to genre, so it was a fun little break from my normal reads. This is a perfect pick if you’re looking for a quick, fun, sexy read that continues to leave you guessing.

What Do You Think

What is your favorite New Adult romance series?


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