Merry Christmas in July!

Xmas in Julyl

I don’t know if the concept of Christmas in July is one that many people embrace, but I certainly do! This is yet another excuse for my family to get together, unplug, relax, and be utterly ridiculous. Each year, we choose a weekend as close to July 25th as possible, round up friends and loved ones, pile into our cars, and make a break from reality for a long weekend in the woods. During the weekend we decorate, we partake in a funny grab bag gift exchange, wear Christmas themed shirts, and enjoy Christmas cookies and cocktails! Since I’m in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to share a few awesome bookish gifts that I wish I was getting this Christmas in July. Hope you enjoy!

Always Victorious CandleAlways Victorious Candle (inspired by An Ember in the Ashes)

If you’ve read some of my recent posts, then it’s no secret that An Ember in the Ashes is one of my favorite books of all time. My signed copy of it is one of my prized possessions. Sabaa Tahir is a God, and August 30th when A Torch Against the Night is released is a holiday in my eyes. I think those few sentences pretty much explain why I’d be super excited to receive this gift. I feel like bookish An Ember in the Ashes gifts are harder to come by because there is no movie adaption, and this is relatively “new” and “young” series, so when I stumbled across this bad boy, my excitement levels basically went through the roof. Am I going to buy this for myself just to make sure I have it? Probably.

Rowan Funko PopCustom Rowan Whitehorn Funko Pop (inspired by the Throne of Glass series)

I think I can basically skip the part of this where I praise the Throne of Glass series. I think everyone gets it and understands how fantastic this series is and why Sarah J. Mass should be considered for Sainthood or a spot on U.S. currency. So, let’s just jump into how cute this little custom Rowan Whitehorn Funko Pop figurine is! The owner of this Etsy shop is my new hero, because this is also a series that doesn’t have movie adaptions, so no official Funko Pop figurines exist. I’m keeping my eyes on this Etsy shop, for sure, to see what else this owner can come up with!

Howerls ShirtHowlers T-Shirt (inspired by the Red Rising series)

I swear, if you haven’t read the Red Rising series, then we can’t be friends. I’m about to disown my own book loving sister because she hasn’t read them yet (have no fear, I’m giving her the whole series for her birthday to try to avoid the disowning). There is a definite theme with these first three gifts in that they do not have movie adaptions, so there isn’t an abundant amount of bookish gifts available for them. HOWEVER – some beautiful, bright, amazing person on Etsy made this customized Howlers shirt, and I can’t get mine ordered fast enough. Also order for a friend who loves the series as much as I do, because Howlers should stick together!

Mockingjay BookMockingjay Folded Book (inspired by The Hunger Games series)

And finally… an oldie but goodie series that will always have my love, The Hunger Games. Am I the only one who is sort of obsessed with the wonderfully skilled people who have the time and patience to fold books into awesome images/letters/etc.? CAN YOU PLEASE JUST LOOK AT THE INTRICATE FOLDING REQUIRED FOR THIS MOCKINGJAY BOOK? Like, holy hell. Gimme gimme gimme now. This is beautiful, and so unique! Screw getting my initials, or my wedding date, or the word ‘love’… I want the freaking Mockingjay!

That’s all for now, folks. Go spend money and happy bookish shopping! 

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