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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This feature has a different (usually) book related topic each week, and the goal is to compose a list of ten things that correspond to the topic!

This week’s theme is a freebie, so I’m going with:  Reading Resolutions that I’ll Hopefully Stick to if I Admit to the Internet that I’m Intending to Stick to Them 

 I’m not the best when it comes to resolutions, and when I make them they usually resolve around the standard stuff like eating healthy and working out. This year, however, Christmas and New Year’s came and went and I only recently realized that I didn’t even attempt to make a New Year’s resolution for myself. So, I’ve decided to use this week’s freebie week to make some reading resolutions that will hopefully be easier to stick to than eating less ice cream and more veggies and going to the gym more than laying in my bed thinking about going to the gym. Cheers to wishful thinking!

ONE: Read at least one classic book that I have not read before.  When I graduated from college I found a list of 100 books that everyone should read in their lifetime. This list contained tons of classics and quickly morphed into my TBR list. That is, until the magically wonderful day that I discovered Goodreads and my TBR list exploded into an unmanageable beast. I haven’t read a classic in FOREVER. So, I need to get to it this year. I figure one is SUPER easy to commit to, right? I’m thinking Pride and Prejudice. I know, shameful that I’ve never read it.

TWO: Reread the Odyssey.  I fell in love with this book in high school and it has remained on my Favorites list since then, but I must admit that I’ve never gone back and reread it in its entirety. The reread is long overdue.

THREE: Read at least one play by Shakespeare.  Similar to the Odyssey, I fell in love with Shakespeare in high school, but haven’t read much since. I’m not sure if I want to reread one that I love (Macbeth?) or try one that I haven’t read (King Lear? The Temptest?). All I know is that I want to read Shakespeare. I miss him.

FOUR: Reread at least two Harry Potter books.  The release of the Fantastic Beasts movie and The Cursed Child (even though it was totally weird) have sparked the HP flame in my heart again. Though it was never gone, it had died to a slow burning flicker that I was able to overlook easily in order to read other things, but it’s back in full force now and I can’t ignore it much longer. I’m thinking that I want to sit down and read the illustrated versions of the first two books, since they’re technically “new” in the sense that THERE ARE PICTURES and will most likely offer a slightly different reading experience.

FIVE: Reread the Hunger Games series.  I just love this series, and Freeform has been showing the Hunger Games movies on TV a lot recently, and I just need Peeta back in my life.

SIX: Read at least one non-fiction book.  I impulse bought this book about Vikings and I really want to read it because Vikings are awesome. It has been sitting next to my bed for about 6 months now, untouched. I had good intentions of committing that to be my bedtime book and reading for 20-30 minutes before I fell asleep each night, but then I get super obsessed with whatever else I’m reading and that becomes my bedtime book because I can’t bear to put it down… so you know, the poor Vikings have just been forgotten. I need to change that. Vikings need love to.

SEVEN: Read all of the books that I didn’t get to in 2016 that made my list in a previous TTT.  You can read that list here. These are still all books that interest me, I just need to commit to read them!

EIGHT: Read a graphic novel.  This one is a little bit of a copout. I have been intrigued to try something new in terms of reading, and I’ve seen graphic novels starting to get a lot of hype, but I was just never completely sold on the idea. I’ve never really been into anime or comics or anything like that, so I just wasn’t sure that they would be for me. That is, until I discovered that the Legend series by Marie Lu was available in graphic novel form, so I immediately bought those because I love that series so much and figured it would be a great introduction into the genre.

NINE: Read another book by an author that I didn’t particularly enjoy the first time around.  New Year, new me, new chance for an author who has wronged me in the past! Just kidding, it’s no fault of the author if I don’t like their work, books aren’t made to please everyone and you certainly can’t win over every reader. Anyways… I’d like to give somebody a second change. This one will require some research and thought, but the first author who came to mind was Laini Taylor. I was so not a fan of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, but almost everyone else seems to love it and Laini Taylor. So, perhaps I’ll consider Strange the Dreamer.

TEN: Honestly purge my bookshelves and TBR list to get rid of books that no longer catch my interest, even though it’s going to be sad and basically the most difficult task in the World.  Speaks for itself. I need to be honest with myself, my bookshelves, and my TBR pile and purge things that I have no intentions of reading anymore. Interests change, and I need to accept that a book I’ve been hoarding for 3 years just may not ever actually get read by me. Although it’s sad to see my bookshelves dwindle, it’ll be a relief to see my TBR list go down, and it’s always nice to think about the fact that other’s will get to enjoy the books that I donate (usually to my local Library, though I’m constantly trolling for places to donate books to – may look into after school programs for teens or schools or something).

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