Review – Denton Little’s Still Not Dead

Book Review

Denton Littles Still Not DeadDenton Little’s Still Not Dead by Lance Rubin

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Format: Kindle E-Book

Source: NetGalley

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Release Date: February 7, 2017

Total Pages: 352 Pages

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I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. In no way has this impacted my opinion of this book or the review provided below.


The good news: Denton Little has lived through his deathdate. Yay! The bad news: He’s being chased by the DIA (Death Investigation Agency), he can never see his family again, and he may now die any time. Huh. Cheating death isn’t quite as awesome as Denton would have thought…

Lance Rubin’s debut novel, Denton Little’s Deathdate, showed readers just how funny and poignant imminent death could be. Now in this sequel, he takes on the big questions about life. How do we cope, knowing we could die at any time? Would you save someone from dying even if they were a horrible person? Is it wrong to kiss the girl your best friend is crushing on if she’s really into you instead? What if she’s wearing bacon lip gloss?

My Thoughts

THIS BOOK. Brilliance! There are so many things that I enjoyed. I shall now attempt to stop smiling and silently giggling to myself about this book long enough to describe to you why I enjoyed it so much.

This book is super, super refreshing. This isn’t like any other book that I have read before (okay, except for the first book in this series, Denton Little’s Deathdate, but that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t count). It was nice to be reading a story that hadn’t been done before (or done a million times before, as is the case with some YA plots).

This book is hilarious. There are enough jokes, inappropriate humor, sarcasm, and enough witty banter to keep my brain and heart as happy as ever. I live for all of those things! It is my LIFE. I AM THE QUEEN OF SARCASM AND INAPPROPRIATENESS. So yes, it was perfect.

Denton and Paolo are the perfect duo. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, mashed potatoes and gravy, or chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream icing (my favorite – mmm!).  They have such wonderful chemistry (probably due largely to their weird friendship centered around witty banter and inside jokes) and are so much fun to read about.

The other characters are pretty wonderful too. This book doesn’t have a lot of duplication when it comes to characters. They are very individualized with drastically varying personalities, and it’s great. They all bring such different things to the story, and it all blends together in a wonderful mixing pot.

The science fiction parts of the story are not overpowering. I would still consider this book very much a contemporary with just a little bit of science fiction sprinkled in.

The story is VERY high energy. Throughout the story, there aren’t any portions that I would say are “boring” or “dull”. Every page is very high energy, which makes it delightful to read.

There is a good lesson once you stop yourself from chuckling. The underlying lesson that I took away from this story is that it’s important to make your life meaningful. Unlike the characters of the book, you don’t really know what the expiration date on your life is, so live it to the fullest and make it meaningful.

My parting thought for this review is that everyone should read this book, RIGHT NOW!

What Do You Think

If you could find out your deathdate, would you do it?

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