TTT – Books That Will Make You Read the Day Away

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This feature has a different (usually) book related topic each week, and the goal is to compose a list of ten things that correspond to the topic!

This week’s theme is:  Books That Will Make You Read the Day Away

HP Reading

ONE ● I’m just going to start and get the obligatory Harry Potter series answer out of the way early. An impressively built work, to-die-for characters, endless adventure, and MAGIC. It’s freaking Harry Potter. Of course it’s on the list. I would choose staying at home and reading Harry Potter for an entire day over almost anything else.

TWO ● One of the easiest way to get me to binge read a book is to build a stunning world and characters. The Red Rising series offers both of those things, and is just so freaking good! This series isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s intense, bloody, but downright brilliant. There is always something going on and each book kept me reading way past my bedtime.

THREE ● Anything by Ruta Sepetys is guaranteed to keep me reading.  If you haven’t read any of her books yet, first of all, shame on you, and second of all, her books offer unique and genuine glimpses into history and (often) less known historical tragedies and experiences. They are raw in a way that I truly appreciate, because sometimes things just shouldn’t be sugar coated. You can read my reviews of Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea if you’re interested!

FOUR ● The Jessica Darling series is amazing. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe in embarrassment, and most of all, you will TOTALLY RELATE. This entire series is so real and it’s impossible to not get lost in the life of Jessica Darling.

Night Circus

FIVE ● More Magic! The Night Circus is totally binge-worthy. Although this can be a bit slow moving at times, the extreme attention to detail, character, and world building are worth it. Also, the uniqueness of the story and damn beautiful reading will keep you reading.

SIX ● If you’re in the mood for refreshing uniqueness, hysterical characters, and enough witty banter to split your sides from laughter, then the Denton Little series is definitely the way to go. There is nothing like this series on my radar, and everything that this offers results in it being completely non-put-downable. The writing is also so simple that it’s easy to fly through, check out my review for more.

SEVEN ● I think everything that has come from the brilliant mind of Kasie West is able to be binge read in a day. The stories are light contemporaries offering relatable characters and realistic situations that a lot of people can connect with in one way or another. These aspects makes them all very easy to read. I have only reviewed On The Fence and P.S. I Like You, but I have read a ton more by Kasie West.

EIGHT ● Dangerous Girls remains one of the only YA mystery/thriller books that I have truly enjoyed. COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN! It offers suspense, and actually delivers! I found myself thinking about this book even when I wasn’t reading it, therefore I just read it a ton so that I could get to the bottom of the mystery. I recommend this book to everyone! I promise you, you’ll get completely caught up in it and need to get the end just so you have answers.

Maze Runner GIF

NINE ● Is it enough for me to just say that the Maze Runner series is freaking cool, and that is what makes it a worthy option for bingeing? No? Okay fine. Dystopian books tend to all kind of be the same, but this one breaks the mold and ventures down a different path than the rest. The story is more unique, and as the series goes, things just get more complex and the craziness continues to build. Plus, you’ll most likely fall in love with at least a few of the characters.

TEN ● And to round off the list, let’s go with a classic! The Odyssey offer all kinds of things to keep you reading and intrigued for an entire day. First of all, it’s Greek mythology, and Greek mythology is awesome. There are many adventures, nymphs, suitors, and monsters. Plus, I’m a nerd, so I’ve always found it fun to read these types of books while also researching what I’m reading about to get more context and build a bigger picture. It’s quite easy to lose the day when you’re doing that.

So Tell Me

What books have you read that you were unable to put down?

14 thoughts on “TTT – Books That Will Make You Read the Day Away

  1. LairOfBooks says:

    Great picks this week for TTT Kayla! I agree that Harry Potter, Red Rising, and The Night Circus could easily whittle the hours in a day away for me. The world building in all of these is probably what sucks us in & keeps us hostage lol 😉


    • notimefortinybookshelves says:

      I high encourage you to push it to the top of your list! It really is such a different read from what is floating around in the YA world right now. That, on top of the simple language and hilarity throughout make both of the books really fast reads. I hope you enjoy it!


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