Series Wrap-Up: The Royals

Thats a Wrap

The Royals Series

Paper Princess by Erin Watt 4

Broken Prince by Erin Watt 4

Twisted Palace by Erin Watt Two and a Half

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Format: Kindle E-Books

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Series Recap

Ella Harper is an orphan that is used to being on the run. Even before her mother’s death, she was no stranger to a tougher lifestyle than most, including working unsavory jobs and lying to avoid legal troubles.  When wealthy Callum Royal enters her life, Ella is thrown into a world unlike anything she has ever known. This series follows Ella as she adapts to life in the Royal world, learns more about her mysterious father, and discovers that a life of privilege comes with its own hardships.

My Reaction to the Series 

Usually when I recap a whole series I talk about the books individually. However, I devoured this series so damn quickly and have decided to review this as a full series instead. Change is good sometimes – life is boring if you just stick to a routine. So, here we go…

I finally caved. When knowledge of this book fell into my brain (or more accurately I should say it was being jammed into my brain because I swear it was everywhere), I was kind of just like, eh. There were good reviews and bad reviews, but at the time I wasn’t big into the genre. I had ready maybe one New Adult and sort of liked it, but also sort of felt weird for liking it at all. It wasn’t what I was used to. I hate discriminating on books, though, so I decided read an excerpt of The Paper Princess and walked away feeling exposed, vulnerable, and not ready for it. Happy to report that since then I’ve read many more New Adult books and decided to circle back on this series and give it a go now that I was way more experience, way more mature (not), and way less likely to feel weird about reading it.

This series is an escape. If anybody says that they haven’t fantasized about becoming a gagillionaire (real word – I swear) overnight, they’re lying! I have no problem telling whomever that person might be, right to their face, that they’re a damn liar and that they should be ashamed of themselves! I pretty much think about it at least once a day, mostly when I’m sitting at my adult job just hating every second of it and wishing I was home reading, drinking a chai latte, and eating a lemon poppy seed muffin. Okay – back on track. YES – This book is the perfect escape. While you’re reading about the world and the lifestyle, it’s so easy to just get lost in it and transport yourself there, pretending you’re living the glam life right along with them.

So much fun to read. Absolutely nothing is impossible when it comes to the Royals because of the amount of money just flying around (pun intended – because Callum Royal’s claim to fame is airplanes). They can go anywhere, they can do anything, and there are usually limited consequences, which keeps you on your toes as you read. Plus there are so many secrets! It’s mostly hard to predict what is going to happen because, like I said, literally anything can happen.

The Royals are so addicting. Like, their lifestyle, their personalities (even when they’re acting like assholes), you still want to be around them and be their friends and have them like you because, I mean hello they are rich and live in a mansion and just get on their private jet and fly on over to Paris for dinner on a Tuesday night. YES. I’LL TAKE THAT FRIENDSHIP PLEASE. LIKE ME BECAUSE I LIKE YOU, ROAYLS. Plus they’re just so ridiculous, you never know what insanity is going to break out next.

Some things do drag on when they really don’t need to. I won’t give any examples to solidify my claim because I want to avoid spoilers, so you’ll just have to take my word for it! There are just certain things that happen and I found myself eye rolling and loudly groaning because I just wanted it to end and for the story to move on.

The last book was a bit of a letdown. The last book, BOO. It was boring. It dragged on. It didn’t even feel like it was part of the same series. Where were my lovable and totally out of control Royals? Guess they took that private jet to another book series… Everyone was sulky and annoying and, yuck. Sad that it ended on a bad note for me, but big thumbs up for books 1 and 2!

And last, but not least… (avoid if you don’t want a spoiler)

TALK ABOUT A LET DOWN WHEN ELLA AND REED FINALLY HAD SEX. I mean, not like we waited TWO FREAKING BOOKS for it to happen or anything. Such a boring scene. Boo.

What Do You Think

If a stranger showed up and brought you into his insanely “royal” life, would you fight it or accept it?

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