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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This feature has a different (usually) book related topic each week, and the goal is to compose a list of ten things that correspond to the topic!

This week’s theme is:  Things on my Reading Wishlist

More friendships that simply taper off because that is just what friendships do sometimes, they do not always last. Being friends does not always mean best friends forever, and that is OKAY. I feel like this is such a valuable lesson that is missed in YA (there is an example of this in The Unexpected Everything, so woohoo Morgan Matson). The expectation is that once a friend, always a friend, but it’s natural for people to grow apart. That doesn’t mean that they become enemies, but people drift and friendships end, that is life.

More acceptance of spontaneous decisions that may not have been the smartest decisions but weren’t really the worst decisions either, and therefore they just are cringe-inducing decisions that the person has deal with because, well, IT HAPPENED. Even if the decisions are ones that nobody wants to admit that they actually made. Like a one night stand, or almost getting arrested because you’re so drunk, lose your shoe, and stumble into a restaurant because you’re hungry but don’t have any money. I don’t want to glorify bad decisions, that isn’t my intention with this statement, but I feel like when these things do happen in books (which is rare), they’re always treated as these awful, awful things. I would like to see a little more acceptance that hey, it happened, that’s life, that’s growing up, and thankfully it all turned out okay so, accept it and move on. It’s just a more realistic portrayal of life, in my opinion.

More “middle of the social ladder” characters, who aren’t outcasts or popular, but are just happily in the middle and can melt into both social circles. Characters always seem to fall in one extreme or the other, but it is possible to live happily in the middle.

More best friend situations between a male and a female character, because it really is possible to just be friends with someone of the opposite sex and not have it turn into a sexual relationship (and NO, one of them doesn’t have to be gay, either). This was literally my entire childhood and wish that I saw more of it in YA.

More supportive families that aren’t categorized as dysfunctional for one reason or another, because I feel like usually there is an absent parent, or some dysfunction, and while I get that for certain books it adds depth and brings the story to life, I just don’t feel that it’s necessary all of the time. You can still have a story with drama and struggles while the character also has a supportive, got-their-shit-together family.

More small town settings where everyone knows everyone and there are barely any franchise restaurants or stores, because I dig them and think that they make for really great stories. Bonus points if it’s a lake or beach town!

More unique fantasy that isn’t going to immediately remind me of something else that I’ve read, because recently I have experienced a serious drop in my love for fantasy books. They used to be my go to, and I think that my hesitation with the genre has a lot to do with the similarity between the worlds, the characters, and the struggles that I’ve been seeing in fantasy novels recently.

More characters that don’t lie, thus avoiding getting themselves into bigger messes that could have easily been avoided by telling the truth, because I just find it so infuriating.  While I sympathize with the writers because this would undoubtedly make the writing process harder given that lies and redeeming oneself after lying are a simple way to keep a story going, it just has to stop! When this happens, I yell at my books, and sometimes I think about throwing them, and then I feel guilty because my books don’t deserve that. So I beg to all of the YA authors out there, please just give your characters a bit more common sense and have them SIMPLY TELL THE DAMN TRUTH!

More books about difficult topics that nobody wants to talk about and people are definitely going to be pissed off about, because THEY ARE REAL. Even though they spark controversy, I am such a firm believer in that whole “no press is bad press” thing, and conversation is still conversation, even if people are disagreeing with the message in the book, THEY’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT, which is exactly what needs to happen with the tough topics that people avoid! I am currently reading The Hate U Give and although I feel so exposed by it and its breaking my damn heart, I am so freaking happy that I’m reading it because it deserves to be read, understood, and discussed. The message is so important, the story is so important, and I would love, love LOVE to see more books like it.

More books in all my favorite series’, even the ones that are apparently “over”, because it is really freaking cruel to stop writing about characters and worlds that I have fallen in love with. HOW CAN AUTHORS BE SO COLD, SO RUDE, SO HEARTLESS?

So Tell Me

What are some of the things that you want more of in books?

11 thoughts on “TTT – My Reading Wishlist

  1. allymemes says:

    For fantasy, you should try the Red Rising trilogy, if you haven’t already! It’s more sci-fi/dystopian, but it’s different than most out there! And I totally agree about the friendships one!


    • notimefortinybookshelves says:

      I have read the Red Rising trilogy and I LOVED it! It was so exciting and refreshing. I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m hoping that Iron Gold will be just as delightful. I read an expert of it a while back, and it was probably a bad decision because now I’m even more depressed about having to wait until January for the release.

      Liked by 1 person

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