Rapid Reviews – This Savage Song + Eligible

Rapid Reviews

This Savage Song

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab Young Adult, Fantasy

Audiobook Read by Therese Plummer 10 hours and 9 minutes

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I need more of this RIGHT NOW! I was slightly apprehensive of this because monsters are not usually my number one pick for a book, but this was so unique and such a fresh twist on the monster subject. I was totally freaking into it! Plus, there were multiple unexpected plot twists that totally threw me, which only served to keep me even more invested in the story. Alright, now let’s talk technical stuff. This world was phenomenal. It was modern enough to be easily relatable, but twisted enough to keep me wanting to learn more and more about it. While we were provided with so much detail, I still have some questions and hope that the next book answered them. I found the characters well defined and relatable (even for monsters), their depth felt infinite. Will admit that at first I was not a Kate fan, I was quite grumpy having to read her POV, but even she grew on me as we learned more about her and her history. And DON’T EVEN get me started on the relationship between her and August – I’M ENTRANCED. The end of this book utterly destroyed me. I was already dreading the wait for Our Dark Duet, but the end made it SO MUCH WORSE.


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Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld Fiction, Romance

Audiobook Read by Cassandra Campbell 13 hours and 22 minutes

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I went into this knowing that I would probably enjoy it because (1) I love Curtis Sittenfeld’s work and (2) I love Pride and Prejudice. What had me a bit worried, though, is that I haven’t dabbled too much in the realm of retellings, and I was concerned that it wouldn’t do the original justice, or that I wouldn’t find myself as invested in the story because it’s “already been done”. I’m kicking myself now for having doubts, because I really, really enjoyed this one! It was true to the original while also bringing a modern spin to the story to make it more relatable and easy to digest. I will warn anyone interested in this to be prepared for things to get a bit out of control and over the top – it seems like Sittenfeld went EXTREME with making this modern, and you see a lot of the hard hitting “issues” of today appear in the book. Overall, this was a delightfully entertaining read that I would recommend to everyone, especially Pride and Prejudice fans!

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